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Lost in Bradford

Capt. Stealth NightStalker
4 May 1961
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Born in 1961, became furry when I was 12, first was elephant/rhino for it's a knockout in Margate Kent. I've been nearly a yearly spots in carnival, dressing up alsort. Till 1989, I saw watching Dr Who - Survival, I was stuck on to it. First suit was made Cheetah person MK1, been through carnival in Broadstairs Kent, no prize, I wasn't happy with my costume. 1991 was the year when BBC Auction was up, I went for it. Bidded for Cheetah person and won, it didn't have much fur or even the head itself. I made myself the first homemade fursuit ('fursuit' word didn't come out till 1993). I show it again in carnivals and won a Special Rosette (nobody won that for many years, so I have been told), many pictures, many years in papers, many prizes.

Sorry to say I have sold Cheetah person MKII in 2003.
My last school was Ovingdean Hall School in Brighton (1977).
I am electronic engineer, 1973-
I have born and lived in Chelmsford, moved to Margate in 1971 and moved again to Bradford in 1997.
My first debut with other furries was first meet in York on 23rd August 2007.

Captain Stealth NightStalker (retired)


1004 years old


straight, do watch gay, bi, herm, hetro and most of it


girls, furry porn comics books (whatt!), scifi films, old musics, 1970's, 1980's (murrr), treats girls with respect.

lots of blood (will go wild if he smells blood),

clone from a cheetah and dragon from the mad scientist before it was taken over by an evil army, a shapeshifter which surprises some, used in a combat as sniper, can kill their own captain to gain gallant to run it own clone army.
Retired as a Captain (as they though he was killed), but hiding from snipers from both armies on both side, joined the movie production as a stuntman (can shapeshifter to any person he like but never perfect). Damaged to right ear a bullet hole and loss of his wings by a sniper who shot him while on a training in a stunt, stealth dissappear from the film studio fears that he died from the scene. So how 100's of years later appeared that stealth is still alive showing a mark on his right ear.
Has made many shapeshifting, once into a pure dragon or as a cheetah.
He is a gentleman and killing was his last in his mind.

(his own fursona) he cannot be hypnotism because of his glowing eyes and can relected back to hypnotism, cannot fly but able to jumps high as 4 floors, he can makes wings appears and dissappear as part of his shapeshifter technic, can makes clothes to cover but prefers his own fur.

submitted to his own mistress kitty who took his soul and do whatever she like. girl dominated him

none except his own claws strong enough to damage steel and a secret hidden a black hole ( that 1 part in a trillion trillion trillion of a true black hole). Speed 50 mph for short run.

likes girls

hiding and comes out in the night

mistress does give him all acess to her kingdoms and hiding places. (mistress kitty runs 200 sims in sl)

why so old?
the black hole keeps him young as if time has stopped.

anybody who doesn't like him, even the Superior and supervillian want him dead.

for the ref sheet,
heading name as stealth
full name Capt. Stealth NightStalker
age 1004
height 6'6"
weight 175

grins with eyes glowing
sad and frown with less glowing to eyes almost see natural eyes black
angry shows teeth and burning eyes

stand with no clothes and hidden crouch covered in hair and without wings, a fat 2 metre tail with a ball at end (used as a punchball) carries 2 gold rings, 2 big purple spots (trade birth marks) on his left leg close to his ankle,
few spikes on arms and legs, hole in right ear, hair orange with white streak

show wings seperated,

colours white, turquoise, purple (all spots), black ("tear-streak"and lips),human pink inside mouth, orange

in the dark only shows the glowing eyes and gline the claws/horns/spikes reflecting from the eyes.

Fursuit no.1...
Cosmos, fat and lazy but friendly. Made by Jill0r and Joecifur


Fursuit no.2
Leatherclad, leather dragon mask made by Bob Basset from Ukraine

Photos by Tiger Tom from Confuzzled

Fursuit no.3
Jazz the ice fox, ongoing making, head and tail only.

Fursuit no.4
Stealth, this will be Capt. Stealth Nightstalker, I will be making that one but I leave you with just a drawing.

Artwork (Conbadge)by Sungluna

Fursuit no.5
This is my new fursuit,
name Azt the Quetzalcoatl Dragon.
Wings has a hidden secret symbols and tail in rainbow colours.

Other thing...
I would like to meet fursuiters, fur conventions, meet the world that I never able to do. I do photos and videos for my collection. I collected rare stuffs, some unique.
I have been to Confuzzled, it was brillant.
My Confuzzled Pictures here.
I also got a Gold ticket for RBW.